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-As an Amazon Associate/ affiliate marketer, I earn from qualifying purchases.

-All links posted in this group may be affiliate links, and commission may be made on them at no cost to you.

-Prices can change at any time and are valid at the timestamp of the post. Make sure you check the prices and shipping costs before you purchase. The buyer is responsible for verifying prices before purchase.

-All reviews or product recommendations are just my personal opinion. Do your research, and make sure you read reviews!

-I am not responsible for, nor do I guarantee, any of the products, or services posted.

-I am not responsible for, nor do I guarantee, any of the information or descriptions on the websites that I post. I do not operate or have any control over any of the websites that I post, with the exception of

-I am not the seller or manufacturer of any of the products posted.

-I do not work for Amazon or any retailer posted.

- Images posted may not be owned by me and I do not have the rights to them, only usage rights as an affiliate.

-Any issues with orders, products, or shipping need to be addressed with the manufacturer, seller, or retailer of the products you purchased from. I can't help you with your orders.

-Other Affiliate company links that may be featured in the group are: Rakuten, Shareasale, Skimlinks, Commission junction, Sovrn, Impact marketing, Bradreward, shopstyle.

- Giveaways are not associated with Facebook or any of the retailers I post. The money is given away from me, Holly Seymour/ Holly's favorite deals. You must be 18+ to enter and no purchase is necessary.

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